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Shantou Rongfeng plastic pigment co., LTD., founded in 1982, has been a modern chemical pigment company, which has been in production, processing and sales of plastic pigment and color mother for more than 30 years.Strong strength is one of the larger plastic pigments in the country.With high quality, high efficiency and high level principle is dedicated to the production and operation of chemical pigment.With the rest of the world famous manufacturer cooperation, such as the British Holliday Pigments, clariant Pigments, India sudarshan cost-effective,Basf chemical in Germany and Ciba Ciba and EASTOBRITE brands of paint.

The advantage of the company is not only to have abundant strength, advanced production equipment, unique craft technology, but also have high-quality staff, professional r&d team and sales elite.In order to improve the market competition ability, we have been actively expanding the production scale, establishing and improving the efficient enterprise management system and the unique marketing system.With abundant professional experience and good faith, we have won the trust of our customers and established a good reputation.

The company will be more scientific, more reasonable, more standard management, casting the noble image of the enterprise.Looking forward to the future, we are willing to join hands with all walks of life to create another brilliant future!We will be consistent with our sincere and efficient attitude and expand cooperation with friends from all over the world.

To satisfy every customer, it is our greatest wish that the company has modern advanced equipment to ensure the quality of the products and improve the production schedule and efficiency.To build a quality management system that conforms to international standards and build quality management mode with professional quality management team, striving for the perfection of quality.

The company's production equipment is advanced, according to "quality first" operation purpose to operate the production, with the perfect product quality standing in the market.First-class technology guarantees the quality of first - class products.Therefore, the products in standard control, quality assurance, quality information feedback, all establish and improve the standard of international integration.Rongfeng does not forget at the same time as development with strong technical force and rich professional experience, continuously improve product quality and performance actively responding to the requirements of world environmental protection organization, strictly the quality pass, wholeheartedly provide customers with low cost, high quality products and services.

Enterprise through years of management experience, to explore a set of scientific and practical modern enterprise management system, the institutionalization of scientific management, advocated "active, positive, cooperative and responsible" work style, adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business purpose, constantly improve the management level, continuously improve quality management system, to ensure efficient production and product quality.We will continue to develop new products and develop new market services for new and old customers.

The development and growth of enterprises are inseparable from the strength of the team, and only the consensus and the team can achieve the success and success of the enterprise.

Rongfeng in creating the start is committed to the construction of the team and talent reserves, in order to forward-looking vision and original ideas insisted on the promising talent "and" use "principle of talent management, advocating people-oriented management thinking, to implement people-oriented management policy, and further put forward:" enterprise's operation, is the operating personnel "thought, established a modern enterprise personnel management system, can maximize provide staff with broad platform, efforts to cultivate the good moral character, highly skilled, high-quality team.

Talent culture concept

Innovate:Always be the first to surpass yourself

Service:Provide an excellent sense of responsibility for internal staff and external customers


Common development:To realize the harmonious development of employees, enterprises, customers and the whole society, recognize the needs of people, value human value, develop human potential and encourage creation

Talent management objectives:Create fair opportunity for personal development, for the employees to accept the new information, learning new knowledge, master new skills to provide good conditions and facilities, the construction of the first-class staff, pay attention to quality education

Respecting the environment, respecting ecology and respecting nature can bring harmony and harmony between man and nature and lead mankind to a broader healthy future.In order to realize the promise of environmental protection, rongfeng enterprises abide by the "enterprise environmental protection convention" as an important standard of business operation, and comply with ISO14001 environmental management system certification.To take it naturally and return to nature, rongfeng has realized the unpolluted wish to be the true green enterprise, and invited all sectors of society to join together and abide by it.

Convention on the:Not only provide quality products, but also make use of precious resources rationally, work hard to develop, and produce environmentally friendly products.

Convention for the second:To establish the management guiding ideology that gives priority to environmental protection and to coordinate with nature symbiosis with nature, which runs through the whole field of enterprise activities.

Convention on the three:From the development and design stage, the importance of environmental protection should be taken into consideration, and efforts should be made to provide energy-saving products that meet the principles of environmental protection.From production, sales, logistics, use, waste and so on various stages, actively adopt contribute to environmental protection material and system, keep the environmental protection consciousness, try our best to improve the level of environmental management, make contributions to the development of the society.

Convention on the four:Only by coordinating the relationship between environmental protection and economic development can the sustainable development of environment and economy be realized.Only rational use of resources can minimize the depletion of resources.

Convention on five:The "enterprise environmental protection convention" is not only the enterprise behavior that rongfeng always insists, but also the solemn commitment to nature and society!